CDC Recommendations for Viral Transport Media

Posted by anna on March 3, 2022

A key component of coronavirus research is the viability of viral samples. For this reason, it is vital to use the appropriate virus transport media. The most commonly used viral transport media are HBSS VTM and UTM. However, a variety of different formulations and approaches are available. Puritan is pleased to provide recommendations on selecting the right viral transport media for any laboratory's specific needs. To learn more, please visit

Several types of viral transport media are available. They all contain a buffered sodium chloride solution and a complex protein and amino acid source. The most common commercial product is Copan Diagnostics' universal viral transport medium. These products are not suitable for longer-term storage or higher temperatures. To avoid this issue, Hanks Balanced Salt Solution is often used instead. A standardized format has been developed and is available at several online drugstores.

The CDC recommends the use of COVID-19 for the safe transport of pathogens. The COVID-19 Transport Media Policy covers all types of viral transport media, including those manufactured by commercial manufacturers. The policy applies to all products that do not comply with the CDC's Standard Operating Procedure for the Preparation of Viral Transport Media. It also addresses the issue of inactivating or reducing infectious agents in the samples during sample preparation.

Viral transport media is a critical step in the diagnosis of many respiratory illnesses. This is a critical part of virology research. Proper handling and storage of these specimens will guarantee accurate results. A safe and effective method of handling and storing viral specimens is essential to the accuracy of results. With the right storage and care, these products can help doctors and scientists make better informed decisions about the treatment of respiratory diseases.

In addition to antimicrobials, viral transport media are essential for the proper transfer of infectious agents. The CDC's recommendation for the best viral transport media is also known as COVID-19. The latter refers to the US Food and Drug Administration's COVID-19 Transport Medium Policy. In addition to being room temperature-stable, Teknova Active Viral Transfection Medium (VTM) is non-propagating and room-temperature-stable. It is suitable for various types of assays, including molecular assays and antigen assays.

In recent years, a shortage of viral transport media has plagued the diagnostic community, which is increasingly turning to in-house solutions and commercial products. Although in-house solutions can be effective in performing diagnostic tests for a wide range of viruses, in-house and commercial transport media can interfere with the integrity of diagnostic studies. It is important to use the most appropriate virus transport medium for the job. It is not just about the purity of the virus, but also its stability.


COPAN Universal Transport Medium Recipe

To make the process of viral transport as simple as possible, COPAN Diagnostics created the COVID-19 (universal transport medium). This formulation consists of a buffered salt solution and complex protein and amino acid sources. It is available in a variety of forms and is the most commonly used commercial transport medium. However, its use has been limited due to its limited shelf-life and inability to handle high temperatures or extended storage times. Hanks Balanced Salt Solution is a suitable alternative.

To produce this universal transport medium, all components must be prepared according to the CDC VTM recipe. There is no need to create a unique mixture for each component. The CDC VTM is a single sterile solution that is available in a variety of forms. Because this is the only universal transport medium that is available in sterile solutions, it simplifies the production process and ensures lot-to-lot consistency.

The universal transport medium recipe was designed for use with a range of clinical specimens. The product is packaged in a screw-cap tube and is intended to maintain viability of a variety of organisms for 48 hours. The UTM has been certified to comply with CLSI M40-A2 standards, which demonstrates its efficacy in Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT). In addition, the universal transport media contains antibiotics to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, but is not harmful to viruses.

The CDC VTM is a room-temperature-stable viral transport medium. It can be used for rapid antigen testing, DFA, and molecular-based assays. A standardized VTM is a must for any successful laboratory. The CDC has the best and most efficient recipe for producing a high-quality, cost-effective product. These materials are a valuable tool in your lab.

COPAN's VTM recipe was designed for rapid antigen testing. It is a simple, effective, and room-temperature-stable viral transport medium. This product is also suitable for DFA tests. In addition, it also offers high-quality results. The CDC is a leader in the field of a variety of viral and other infectious diseases. Its sterility and thermal stability make it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Another major advantage of CDC's Universal Transport Medium is its consistency and thermal long-term stability. It is used in many different types of viral culture, including Rapid Antigen Testing. Besides, it is also used for DFA. The CDC's Universal Transport Mode is an ideal choice for rapid antigen tests. It is suitable for a range of applications. It can be used for all kinds of samples, including those in laboratories that require high thermal stability.

In a recent study, the researchers at the University of Minnesota and University of Iowa in Canada evaluated the stability of UTM(r)-RT. Unlike many other transport mediums, it retains the viability of viruses for a prolonged period of time. This makes it a superior alternative for long-term storage. It is also safer for use in the field of infectious disease. It is safe to store in the freezer.

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