Melexis IR Array Sensors - 16x12 Pixels

Posted by anna on March 9, 2022

The 16x12 pixel IR Array Sensors from Melexis are available in a small, 4-lead TO39 package. They feature an industry standard temperature range of -40 to +300 degC and can be factory-calibrated for 1 degC accuracy. The sensors are programmable with a 0.5 to 64 Hz refresh rate and are compatible with a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The MLX90641 features a low cost and easy integration. The device features a 16x12 IR array and a four-lead TO-39 package. The MLX90641 is RoHS-compliant and comes with a factory-calibrated NETD and two FOV options. It is also equipped with an ND-compatible LED display and offers a high-contrast IR measurement.

The MLX90641 features a 16x12 IR array with an integrated temperature sensor. The TO-39 package allows it to operate at temperatures ranging from -40degC to +300degC. Its low thermal noise makes it an ideal choice for low-frequency measurements. It is also RoHS-compliant and comes with an evaluation board, EVB90640-41-ND.

The MLX90641 (16x12 IR array) is an IR sensor with an integrated digital display. It has a TO-39 package and a low cost. It has a four-lead configuration and factory-calibrated NETD. It comes in 2 FOV options and two different color schemes. The MLX90641 is RoHS-compliant and can be used in various industrial and laboratory applications.

The MLX90641 has a 16x12 IR array. Its small size and low cost make it an ideal choice for industrial and laboratory applications. It can also be used for non-contact temperature measurement. This device is suitable for industrial and scientific applications. It is RoHS-compliant and is available in TO-39 packages. A full spec sheet is available for the MLX90641.

The MLX90641 has a 16x12 IR array with a TO-39 package. It is capable of measuring temperature ranges from -40degC to +300degC. The sensor is compatible with multiple probes and interfaces. Its two FOV options and factory-calibrated NETD allow it to be used in a wide range of applications.

With two different field of view options, the MX90641 offers high-quality thermal imaging at a low price. It operates on a single 3.3 V supply and stores results in internal RAM. Its I2C compatible digital interface stores results. The IR thermometer is available in an array of sizes. In addition, the MLX90641 is a powerful thermal IR meter with two optional IR filters.

datasheet amg8833

AMG8833 Datasheet

This article introduces the AMG8833, a high-precision infrared array sensor based on Advanced MEMS Technology. In this article, you will learn more about its features and applications. The AMG8833 has eight rows of eight pixels, infrared thermopiles, and a voltage of 3.3V. It is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from high-function home appliances to energy-saving office equipment.

The AMG8833 is the predecessor of the AMG883 and features eight rows of eight pixels. This device is used for detecting temperature in the range of eight to fifteen microns. It is used in infrared thermal temperature sensor arrays because of its high accuracy. In addition to industrial control, this sensor is also used for human temperature monitoring and is ideal for use in elevators, and heating and air conditioning management.

The AMG8833 is a versatile thermal camera that measures temperatures from 0degC to 80degC. Its pixel structure enables it to detect heat from objects in different environments. Its 8-by-eight design allows it to be used with a wide range of applications, including human temperature monitoring, heat transfer analysis, and industrial control. Because it is small and has a high resolution, it can be used in many different environments.

The AMG8833 is an infrared sensor that contains eight rows of eight pixels. Its thermal range is eight to fifteen microns, so it is suitable for most industrial settings. Because it has an extremely wide sensitivity range, it can also be used for consumer electronics. This sensor is very useful in elevators, automatic doors, and even in home applications. And its low price makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of industries.

The AMG8833 is an excellent thermal imager. It measures blackbody radiation from 8 to 15 microns. The device's high sensitivity makes it an ideal choice for industrial applications. Its pixel density and low cost make it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications. And its RoHS compliance makes it an excellent choice for environmental monitoring. AMG8833 is a versatile thermoreflector and is useful in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The AMG8833 is a high-precision thermal camera with eight rows of eight pixels. It measures blackbody radiation in a thermal range of 8 to 15 microns. Unlike cameras, this sensor is used in indoor and outdoor applications. AMG8833 is a great choice for industrial applications. Its low cost and high resolution allow for an array of sensors to be used in a wide range of industries.

The AMG8833 is a high-precision 8x8 thermal IR sensor from Panasonic. The AMG8833 supports I2C and has a configurable interrupt pin to fire when an individual pixel exceeds a threshold. This sensor does not have a TFT FeatherWing, but is a good choice for industrial and commercial applications. Its low-precision thermal IR camera will allow you to detect body heat at 7 meters.

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